The Licensing Unit of the Division of Child Cans and Early Childhood Education was established by law lo regulate child-care facilities to help protect the health, safely and well being of children in care. With the assistance of child-care providers and experts in areas such as child development, early childhood education, fire safely, health and sanitation, the Licensing Unit developed minimum licensing standards.

Licensing staff inspect child care centers, private kindergartens and day care family homes to be sure thai minimum standards are mel. The staff also investigates complaints about violations of the minimum licensing standards. Your child care facility is responsible for meeting minimum standards. Many child care programs exceed ihese requirements. Licensing does not regulate child care fees, collection policies or the kind of learning program your child care facility offers. Each facility has its own special personality and approach to educating and caring for children. Parents can choose the kind of program that besl meels the needs of iheir child and family.

This information is contained in guidelines developed by ihe Arkansas Department of Health and Human Services Division of Child Cava and Early Childhood Education.