There are many programs that have met requirements that are above those set by child care licensing minimum licensing standards. These programs that have completed the Approval Application and received a qualifying site visit will become Approval Accredited Programs. These programs are either Slate Accredited or Nationally Accredited. To receive the Approval Accreditation, the program must meet the requirements for State or National Accreditation which includes a site visit to verify they have met the higher standards set by the Division of Child Care & Early Childhood Education or National Accreditation.

For a listing of Accredited Programs visil the Division of Child Care Web Site at:


Parents that use these programs will receive a double Slate tax credit for placing their child in these qualified child care centers or family child care homes. All parents are eligible for a 10% tax credit for child care: however, those parents of children in Accredited programs will receive tax forms for the 20% tax credit.

The Arkansas Child Care Approval System verifies that your facility offers the following to its children:

  • A program that views parents as an important part of the early education of their children.
  • A physical environment that is supportive of the physical and menial development of each child in their care
  • An educational program that prepares children for success in school.
  • Trained professional staff who know how to work effectively with children and who continue to pursue educational and training opportunities

For more information on accredited programs in your area, contact Child Care Connections at 1 501-374-KIDZ.